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Webinar: "How to Implement the 'Whole Person' Solution"

Today's landscape of healthcare solutions is cluttered with disparate offerings and consumers are demanding more personalization in their own care. Payors need to deliver additional features and content in order to attract consumers to their plans, especially with Medicare Advantage. Platforms need to be built with a Digital Front Door to allow for personalized solutions to be accessible to the member in a unified and homogenous bundled offering.

Learn how this team has specialized in consumer engagement, using a variety of tools—gamification, wearables, intelligent digital therapeutics and more—to personalize care for large populations, one patient at a time.

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Challenges that Health Plans and Employers Face

700,000 healthcare apps and low attention span equals low  activation and engagement.

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A "P.E.E.E.R." Approach Helps Your Employees and Members

An effective solution is informed and designed based on sound science, content and context.

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Results of Using this Type of Platform

With the right strategy and partner, you can activate, assess and also triage people— with 49% still active after 2 years.


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Happify Health

Happify Health is a global software-enabled healthcare platform focused on improving mental and physical health. Our scientifically-validated programs positively impact behavior across a continuum of need alongside providing access to telehealth, AI-powered and live coaching, and digital therapeutics. Today, the Happify Health platform is available in 10 languages, supports more than 10 chronic conditions, and covers more than 20 million lives in 190 countries worldwide.


Learn about challenges, solutions and results from this group who has dedicated their careers to helping people become healthier and happier.


John Stamatopoulos
SVP, Payor Solutions, Happify Health

John is the SVP of Payor Strategies for Happify Health, where he leads the business unit that deploys the Happify Connect platform for digital therapeutics and care delivery designed to improve mental and physical health. He has led multiple medical device and digital health startups, most recently as the President/COO of Empathetics. He has also served as a commercial leader at Inovalon and Voluntis.


Patrick Burke
Head of Healthcare, Happify Health

Patrick leads the healthcare segment for Happify Health. His primary focus is to bring Happify’s world-class, digital mental health and well-being platform to employers and health plans who share our passion for improving emotional health so that their organizations can excel. Patrick joined Happify after over 25 years with Aon Hewitt because of his firm belief that digital health innovation plays a pivotal role in helping employers improve the total wellbeing of their workforce—financially, physically and emotionally. Patrick enjoys working with clients across their broad HR needs, from leadership development and culture change through support for mental and physical health conditions.


Mario Vassaux
COO/CTO, Life365 Health

Mario Vassaux is a technology innovator with over 35 years of business operational and technology development experience. He has launched and operated successful software/hardware technology companies involved in a range of products including video games and medical software. He has developed a diverse range of award-winning apps and mobile games for business, consumer education, cyber security, and a suite of medical apps with Avixena Population Health Solutions. Mario combines his experience with gaming and medical software to develop innovative solutions that create better connections between caregivers and patients in order to improve patient care and outcomes.